I think that the best design is technology that can serve ordinary people and maintain their individuality. So far, I have only found one technology product with such characteristics: Markdown

Markdown is the best product design to connect the technology world and the ordinary people world. It is very simple, but it can get better results. Even so, among ordinary people I know, there are very few who know Markdown.

Recently, I have also built my blog. I hope more people will read my articles, even if my articles are limited to my ability and understanding.

Through investigation, I found that there are two mainstream blog forms in society:

  1. Independent domain name blogs: Independent domain names, most of which are blogs of IT technology authors. The promotion depends on the author's circle, personal charm, and content appeal.
  2. Blog aggregation: such as Tumblr, Medium, Pixnet, Vocus, Svbtle, micro.blog, collected notes, Jian Shu, etc. Promotion mainly depends on the power of the platform. A few services charge directly, while most independent domain names are charged services.

People who know how to register and purchase independent domain names know a little bit of technology, which is no longer the level of ordinary people. What ordinary people want is :

  1. Follow the tutorial: spend a sum of money to buy a domain name, which is your domain name;
  2. Follow the tutorial: he can set up free hosting on Tumblr by simply setting up, or pay for hosting On other platforms, then, just write the content and publish the content~~~

Then stuck here, he needs more people to see his work This is the biggest role of the platform: promotion.

Therefore, an ideal blogging platform is not based on charging blog authors' fees as a continuous profit model. After all, most bloggers just want to share their insights, which is not a profitable behavior in itself and should even be regarded as a value-creating behavior.

The main role of this ideal platform should be to help bloggers sell their content and maximize the content value of individual bloggers. When the author has income, naturally he is more willing to share content, and the platform naturally has a continuous source of income and content through the agreed method of sharing. This is the benign platform profit model. So, I think as an ordinary blogger, you need such a platform:

  1. You can get the independent domain name blog address or platform blog address most simply.
  2. It can use the largest resources to make the content I create more people see.
  3. The value generated by the content is distributed by the blogger and the platform as agreed.

The society has already entered the era of knowledge payment, and there are many ideas here:

  1. For example, the platform aggregates the content of independent bloggers and makes corresponding promotion investment according to the quality level;
  2. The platform has a reward mechanism, but the reader is only for articles The content is Applaud, or it solves the reader's problem.
  3. Subscription promotion as a paid subscription magazine model to more people etc. ~